Episode 105 – Gamescom 2018 + Some HUGE Changes Coming to Amazon Prime

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!! In this episode, Sam & Greg discuss everything that happened over in Germany at Gamescom 2018, along with new trailers for Jump Force, Devil May Cry 5 & many more!  Amazon Prime are making some big changes, mostly for the negative.  We break them down & give their... Continue Reading →

Board Game Review – Gloomhaven

Totally Worth a Roll of the Dice (If There Were Any...) by: Nico Maturo Follow Nico on Twitter by clicking here! Let me preface this article by saying I will try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. I would like anyone who ends up purchasing Gloomhaven from this article to experience as much... Continue Reading →

Madden 19 Review

Going Through The Motions By: Ryan Waldis Reviewed on: PC (Also available on PS4, XBOX ONE) August was always a bittersweet month for me as I progressed through my childhood into my young adult phase. As soon as the calendar hit August, it meant that I only had one more month of summer vacation before... Continue Reading →

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