Episode 108 – Breaking Down The 9/13/18 Nintendo Direct + Henry Cavill OUT as Superman?!

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE BY CLICKING HERE! This week, we react to the entire Nintendo Direct from 9/13/18, where Luigi's Mansion 3, details for the Nintendo Online Service & Animal Crossing for Switch were all announced.  Warner Bros may have parted ways with Henry Cavill as Superman in the Worlds of DC.  We talk about... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Milkmen

Delivering the Goods! by: Ryan Waldis Follow Ryan on Twitter by clicking here I’m of the mindset that there aren’t many better feelings than the one you get when you discover an indie band with a relatively small following that produces music which absolutely slaps (I think that’s the adjective the kids are using these... Continue Reading →

Darwin Project Review

A Fresh Take On the Battle Royale Genre by: Nico Maturo Follow Nico on Twitter by clicking here Reviewed on: PC Also available on: Xbox One I stumbled upon Darwin Project a while back after reading about it on Reddit and after my first game, I immediately fell in love. At first glance, Darwin Project... Continue Reading →

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