The ion Ryan Show: A Look at Spidey’s Legal and Film History Plus AEW, WWE and Endgame News Ryan tries to tackle the 40+ year history of Spider-Man as Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters! The franchise was mired in legal woes and false starts for 20+ year before Tobey, Andrew and Tom finally donned the blue and red suit and we learn A LOT about that. Almost too much! In addition... Continue Reading →

#141 – Spicy Nuggets Are Here to Stay!! This week, Sam & Greg give some very important updates on the present & future of the show. SGDQ 2019 is underway; what runs should you watch? Spider-Man Far From Home is out in just a few days. We have the review, along with the potential future of Spidey in the MCU; plus, we... Continue Reading →

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