MRC Tech Presents: The Last Podcast – Ep. 2 Episode 2 Details TROS theory - artifacts - ends at 3:45 Feedback and Discussion - 3:46 - 15:00 Shout Outs - 15:00-16:49 Happy 42nd bday Star Wars! 16:50-17:45 Galaxy's Edge Round Up 17:46-39:10 MakeSolo2Happen Movement 39:15 - Solo and TROS Connection - 45:41 KOTOR movie development - 45:31-47:47 That’s No Moon - It’s a... Continue Reading →

#139 – Enormous E3 2019 Recap Joined again by Chris Shriver (Hooray for Anime! & IGN), we discuss which predictions we got right (...and wrong) & deep dive into all five major press conferences from E3 2019. Did Microsoft take advantage of PlayStation skipping E3? How did Bethesda respond to Fallout 76's launch? Did Square Enix finally live up to... Continue Reading →

#137 – What the Hell is Death Stranding?!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!! This week, we give our overall impressions on the lasting impact Game of Thrones left on us, including our favorite seasons & top 3 favorite characters throughout the entire series! We cover the entire Pokemon 2019 Press Conference, all new Death Stranding details, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's... Continue Reading →

#136 – Batman the Broken

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!! This week, we recap the series finale of Game of Thrones, the Iron Throne, & give our overall thoughts on the show now that it is over.  In the second hour, Matt Reeves looks to have found his Batman, Doom Patrol is almost over & we break down... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Any Given Flower by Figure Eight

Figure Eight Point Five by: Ryan Waldis Follow Ryan on Twitter by clicking here Long Island-based Figure Eight has officially entered the emo/pop-punk scene with their debut full-length album Any Given Flower. Figure Eight represents the latest project from Ryan Meyers, the talented multi-instrumentalist and producer who serves as the frontman for the band. Meyers... Continue Reading →

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